Wedding Dance

Ballroom Central Pittsburgh—Wedding Dance

Your Wedding Dance, First Dance as Husband and Wife

It's your first dance as husband and wife, and you want it to be special...

We can do that for you. Bring us your music, and we will teach you a wedding dance specifically designed for you. The wedding dance can be as simple or as extravagant as you would like it to be. After all, it is your day and your first dance as husband and wife.

We have been dancing, competing, and teaching for over 20 years and have taught hundreds of brides and grooms their first wedding dance. Our experience speaks for itself.

We have a wedding package for the bride and groom to create and teach you your wedding dance. It is 4 private (60 minutes each) wedding dance lessons. 

We won't have anyone else on the floor, so the bride and groom will have exclusive use of the floor and music without distractions. This greatly facilitates the learning of the wedding dance. Please see our services page for current rates.

At Ballroom Central Pittsburgh, scheduling wedding dance lessons is easy! We work around your busy schedule as we know that you will have much to plan, and each day of each week leading up to your wedding day can be filled differently. We make scheduling your wedding dance lessons easy!

We are looking forward to working with the bride and groom to create a wedding dance, your first dance as husband and wife, as beautiful as you will be on your wedding day!

Call or email us to schedule your first wedding dance lesson!

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