Private Lessons

Ballroom Central Pittsburgh—Private Dance Lessons

Individual Private Dance Lessons at Ballroom Central Pittsburgh

At Ballroom Central Pittsburgh, we offer individual private lessons in ballroom and Latin dances, from beginner through advanced, from social dancer through competitive dancer.

We have two choices of private lessons at Ballroom Central Pittsburgh: 45 minutes long and 60 minutes long. Private lessons consist of a single person or a single couple. We encourage 60 minutes private lessons, as we have found that anything less than 1 hour does not adequately give the student enough time to absorb the information, and with longer lesson times, the student does not always retain the information.

At Ballroom Central Pittsburgh, you are the only one on the floor. During your lesson, we won't have anyone else teaching on the floor, so the students have exclusive use of the floor and music without distractions! So if you want to learn Swing, you won't have Waltz music playing. And you won't be running into other couples on the floor during your lesson. This greatly facilitates accelerated learning of the dances. And, our raised hardwood floor is leg and foot-friendly! So dance in comfort!

Private lessons at Ballroom Central Pittsburgh are scheduled by appointment only. The studio is available from 7 AM to 11 PM, 7 days a week. Private lessons focus on the dance the student wants to learn. The instructor will focus efforts to achieve the goals of the student. Since the instructor's attention is only focused on the student/couple and their specific goals during a private lesson, learning curves are accelerated.

We have been dancing, competing, and teaching for over 20 years. Our experience speaks for itself.

We are conveniently located in the South Hills, and parking is free. Please see our Rate Schedule for current Ballroom Central Pittsburgh rates. Call or email us at (412) 833-8182,, to schedule your private lesson at Ballroom Central Pittsburgh!